6 Bottles of Rutas de la Pasion

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<div>Wine lovers join together to develop their passion for the nectar of the gods in the land of Extremadura. Coupages of different calibres always understood from the view of the best international sommeliers, using native Extremeñan strains.</div><div><br></div><b> -Tasting Notes:</b><div><b><br></b><div>•Eye phase: red wine clean and bright, upper middle layer with a violet reflections showing its youth. </div><div>•Nose phase: fruit and subtle notes of cocoa and mocka, because during fermentation these remained for a short period of time appear in new barrels. </div><div>•Taste phase: in mouth after a powerful and complex attack leaves us sweet </div><div>sensations of the new wood with toasted marked, leaving a long memory of just taste wine. </div><div>•Best server with : Meat, rice stews, sausages and ham. </div><div><br></div><div><b>-Data Sheet: </b></div><div>•Type of wine:Tinto </div><div>•Designation of Origin: Land of Extremadura</div><div>•Grape: Tempranillo </div><div>•Alcohol:13% </div><div>•Sugars:&gt;2 g/l </div><div>•Total acidity in tartaric acid:4,5 g/l </div><div>•Volatile acidity:&lt; 0,8 g/l </div><div>•Total SO 2:&lt; 150 mg/l</div></div>
Manufacturer Caldos Extrem
Category Rutas I.G.P.
Weight (gr) 9000

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