Our Winery

Our Winery Bodegas Valdeorite is located in the heart of Extremadura, one
of Spain’s most diverse regions, home to more than 80,000 hectares of vineyards
and the second largest wine-producing area in the country.
Our winery is the dream come true of Don Manuel, founder of the group of
wineries López Morenas, whose desire it was to create a new expression
of oenological creativity to match his previous visions, which had already
revolutionised the wine industry several times.

This visionary, who recognised that boundaries were only limited by the
extent of one’s imagination, decided to establish this winery as the vivid
expression of Extremadura, a land that blends nature and innovation with
amazing results not only in wines, but also in olive oil and Iberian ham, for
which it is known worldwide. The Valdeorite winery is also proof of this mentality.

From its inception the whole idea was that the winery, in order to cater for
the tastes of so many consumers around the world, would use the insight of
winemakers from these very same places. This idea seemed at the same
time revolutionary and impractical.

However, as with so many of Don Manuel´s ideas, time would prove him right.
Now the first of several wines was born from the beautiful mix of the traits of
Extremadura and the unique perspective of the Masters of Wine.

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