Lar de Barros Crianza

12,01 €

With the purpose of rediscovering places in our land of peerless beauty and turning them into ambassadors of the gastronomic wealth of Extremadura, we present to you Lares. The range of products from Bodegas Valdeorite with wines certified by the Ribera del Guadiana Designation of Origin, which covers different vintages, including crianzas and young wines, each one of them representative of the best strains. <div> </div><div>-Tasting Notes: </div><div>•Eye phase: Clean and bright features with a medium layer of red shades </div><div>•Nose phase: Hints of cinnamon and subtle toasted notes like vanilla and fruit, along with other flavors developed during the raising in oak barrels </div><div>•Taste phase: Long with an intensity that has been polished with aging in bottle. </div><div>•Best server with : Roasted red meats, stews hunting. </div><div><br></div><div>-Data Sheet: </div><div>•Type of wine:Tinto </div><div>•Year: 2013 </div><div>•Designation of Origin:Ribera del Guadiana </div><div>•Grape: Tempranillo </div><div>•Alcohol:14% </div><div>•Sugars:&gt;5 g/l </div><div>•Total acidity in tartaric acid:4,5 g/l </div><div>•Volatile acidity:&lt; 1 g/l </div><div>•Total SO 2:&lt; 150 mg/l</div>
Manufacturer Caldos Extrem
Category Lares D.O.
Weight (gr) 1500

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